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Git commit signing

Configures Git to sign commits using your Coder SSH key
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This module downloads your SSH key from Coder and uses it to sign commits with Git. It requires curl and jq to be installed inside your workspace.

Please observe that using the SSH key that's part of your Coder account for commit signing, means that in the event of a breach of your Coder account, or a malicious admin, someone could perform commit signing pretending to be you.

This module has a chance of conflicting with the user's dotfiles / the personalize module if one of those has configuration directives that overwrite this module's / each other's git configuration.

1module "git-commit-signing" {
2  source   = "registry.coder.com/modules/git-commit-signing/coder"
3  version  = "1.0.11"
4  agent_id = coder_agent.example.id